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Mela for cancer-affected children

I haven’t seen anybody more ungrateful, than the ones who are totally blessed with almost everything they can dream of. And haven’t seen a man more blind, than those who find opportunities at every step they take, and complain of not having any, just because

The Living dead bodies

‘A Happy Life’. What does this phrase means to you? How important is a satisfied life to you? A life where there are no worries, anxieties, depression or injustice is a life that every human being dreams of and praises at the same time. It

War Yields Nothing

Another Indo-Pak War?

Prior to discussing recent problems, let’s discuss an old one, a really old one. This is a problem deeply rooted in our subconscious minds. The Indo-Pak tension. Since childhood, we are fed the notion that India is the arch-enemy of our beloved nation. Since forever,