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Discouraging Ideologies

It feels like the society that we live in and the people who we share our lives with seem to be changing. Instead of getting better, everything seems to be falling apart. The society is becoming worse than before for people to live in. Rather

Christianity and Christmas

Christianity is a monotheistic religion in light of the life and lessons of Jesus Christ, who serves as the point of convergence for the religion. It is the world’s biggest religion, with more than 2.4 billion believers, or 33% of the worldwide populace known as

Grey Mode

She is on a grey mode, Dispassionate, Isolated, Unemotional. Once she was silver, A symbol of feminine energy, Sensitive, Mysterious and Emotional. Then she began a new life, For the sake of love, She turned herself white, A blank slate to write a new story,

Not Another Child

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” -Author Charles R. Swindoll. Conscious and unconscious actions of adults make a deep and everlasting impact on the mind of children. Children may be treated, good or bad, harshly or politely, with

Is Trust An Illusion?

What is trust? A pact, a promise, a bond or a mutual understanding between two individuals to count and be counted on when need be. The thought of putting all your faith in someone, and expecting the same in return. But, how far does that