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Dust Shadows and Charred Hearts

There’s this war we fight with our shadows. The chase ends and we fight with swords carved out of pieces of broken hearts; anger gushing on it, tormented. The gloom hides, but never leaves. We chase visions of a blind love buried long ago, where

Plight of a Veiled Woman

Yes, I cover my body in veil to look cool, So does it signify that I’m an old school? I’m bold enough to make you look like a fool. So what if I can’t dance or listen to rock or rap, You can’t beat me

The Magical Motherhood

Out of all the miracles in the world, I am honored to be crowned with the one which is the most astonishing, blessed yet powerful. Yes, it’s the miracle of “carrying another soul within your body”. The Motherhood. It’s an entire new world of feelings

Discouraging Ideologies

It feels like the society that we live in and the people who we share our lives with seem to be changing. Instead of getting better, everything seems to be falling apart. The society is becoming worse than before for people to live in. Rather

Pakistan: A tolerant State

The ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’, once the land of pure people, now recognized as the world’s most intolerant nation religiously, socially, politically and racially. Basically, Pakistan is an amalgamation of a diverse population in the world as it is a hub of distinct languages, races,


Those blue eyes Watching with wonder Where to seek shelter? It’s good near the trash bin, My stomach is empty, It has food in plenty. It’s going to rain, Will get soak in water, I have nothing to wear. Those blue eyes, Searching for his