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What is in my Backpack

Punjab Minister for production took the tough, the fact, the least, this is massively harmed due to takes up a backpack”. Let me share my experience without writing the nation” which give birth to meet these problems, I suddenly went in the economy in particular.

Pakistan: A tolerant State

The ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’, once the land of pure people, now recognized as the world’s most intolerant nation religiously, socially, politically and racially. Basically, Pakistan is an amalgamation of a diverse population in the world as it is a hub of distinct languages, races,

‘The Joking and Bullying Controversy’

A society transforms itself in many ways and affects a nation deeply in a positive or a negative manner. Transformations always cause debates to take place in a society as the set traditions and cultures might be contradictory to some people while for others it

Pakistan: People, Culture and Places

Amongst 195 countries of the world there is a country located in the Asian continent, more specifically in the South-Asian region. Loaded and carrying its rich history within it and making more, it is the sixth most populous country of the world. Many warriors and

The Educational Failure of Pakistan

Today we live in a country that once was a hub of modernization, a country whose people were considered to be role models. We were considered as a rising power which was to play a key role in global economy and growth, but with time

APS Attack: The Harsh Truth

The dust has settled, the buzz has dampened and the blood has dried, yet in stark contradiction to what was promised, thorns not roses, have sprung up in it’s place. I don’t, in any way, mean to demean the innocent lives lost in the APS

Lahore Fort @ Sunset


‘If you haven’t seen Lahore, you haven’t been born.’ Amidst vast lands, oceans, people and unique species of animals, there are numerous evolved cultures that thrive on the basis of man and his preference. However, it is still evident that within Pakistan, Lahore is one

Dowry Demands

Dowry; a menacing custom

Throughout the ages the world has experienced many traditions and customs prevailing in the society according to their norms and values. There are some traditions which are more prevalent in Asian countries if compared with the western part of the world and unfortunately ‘the Dowry system’