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Discouraging Ideologies

It feels like the society that we live in and the people who we share our lives with seem to be changing. Instead of getting better, everything seems to be falling apart. The society is becoming worse than before for people to live in. Rather

Let us breathe…

The fight for equality between a man and a woman has been going on since time immemorial. Everywhere the world cries for a woman’s right yet the male continue to dominate. But in this fight between the two sexes of the world, what have we

The Media Influece

Media is a way of communication which can be through electronic, print or social medium. It is considered to be an extremely powerful tool which has been influencing the customs, traditions, norms and values of a society in different, yet, extremely influential ways. It has

War Yields Nothing

Another Indo-Pak War?

Prior to discussing recent problems, let’s discuss an old one, a really old one. This is a problem deeply rooted in our subconscious minds. The Indo-Pak tension. Since childhood, we are fed the notion that India is the arch-enemy of our beloved nation. Since forever,