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Plight of a Veiled Woman

Yes, I cover my body in veil to look cool, So does it signify that I’m an old school? I’m bold enough to make you look like a fool. So what if I can’t dance or listen to rock or rap, You can’t beat me

free will vs determinism

Free Will vs Determinism

For a very very long time Philosophy has been asking a question, “Is there any free will? If not, then should we be held responsible for our actions?” Determinists believe that everything a man does is determined by his past experiences & environmental factors. While those

The USA of Trump

The Great US Elections

About exactly 16 years ago a victory was predicted by a part of the entertainment industry. By a writer, but not a writer of a famous movie or television series, but instead, by a writer of the most famous and one of the oldest animated

Let us breathe…

The fight for equality between a man and a woman has been going on since time immemorial. Everywhere the world cries for a woman’s right yet the male continue to dominate. But in this fight between the two sexes of the world, what have we