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Plight of a Veiled Woman

Yes, I cover my body in veil to look cool, So does it signify that I’m an old school? I’m bold enough to make you look like a fool. So what if I can’t dance or listen to rock or rap, You can’t beat me

Tea Trolley Tradition: Rishta aya hai!

A room full of stressed air, with two families sitting opposite each other, exchanging small talk and strained smiles. In walks “the” girl with a trolley. I serve tea to all present, amidst observant eyes. I was nervous and tense but tried to maintain a

زن فانی کی ابدی پہچان

رضیہ سلطانہ نے ہندوستان کی سر زمین کو جب ہلا ڈالا، کیا اُس نے بھی عورت ذات کو کم سمجھا؟ نہیں۔ اُس نے تو خود اس بات کا ثبوت دیا تھا کہ عورت جیسا جذبہ، اس جیسا ولولہ اور اس جیسی ہمت شاید ہی کسی

Dowry Demands

Dowry; a menacing custom

Throughout the ages the world has experienced many traditions and customs prevailing in the society according to their norms and values. There are some traditions which are more prevalent in Asian countries if compared with the western part of the world and unfortunately ‘the Dowry system’

Feminist Logo

A Voice for the Rights of Women

Women are born and are known by the name of their fathers. They grow up and are known by the names of their husbands. But here a question arises; when is she known by her own name? Where is her identity lost in this discriminating