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Look at the world around you, blazing fast, going about in multiple directions simultaneously. In the midst of this happening, we seem to ignore the deeply rooted disturbing ideologies in our societies that run blatant everywhere. They might not affect us in any way whatsoever,

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Cold Wind

A cold wind blows my way, Taking all of my memories away, Leaving my mind in disarray, Torn and broken I lay, With no one to love, but to burn in hate. My heart is broken, My soul is fractured, My cry for help still

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Save Water. Save Lives.

  A trip down memory lane, Some beautiful things I see Birds chirping, children playing All enjoying merrily The cool breeze touches my skin As I venture down these places I see flowers while passing by With brightly colored faces And what supports it all?

The Significance of Swagger

I am short on confidence. Too much. Forever wary of airing my own opinions, I often frown upon public self-expression (which is now mostly dominated by selfies) as inherently vain and latently narcissistic. It’s also the reason I scroll down through most of my Facebook

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There was once a man I knew Who had big hopes and dreams He was full of joy and merry thoughts All vanished, as it seemed He loved his life and the work he did And they would love him back But now that all

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That Single Fun Hour

                                    “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”  This saying clearly depicts the importance of… Well look, I’m not going to write an essay on “Sports and Games” or something like that. Today I’ll share my views on something that is much

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Teen Burdens: A quick perspective

  When a person is growing up, an important part of his life is his teenage. It is a time when he is in the transition to become an adult. He grows physically as well as mentally and consequently. In the mean time, his set

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Honor Killing: An issue unresolved

Don’t be afraid of the state of ignorance, but be afraid of the state of cruelty -Hazrat Ali Islam is a religion that serves as a lighted torch for all mankind. It covers each and every aspect of life under the light of its perpetually modern