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Eat, Sleep, Academy, Repeat

After a while you kno After a while you kno After a while you kno After a while you need their heart. Alas, they’ve never happiness. They try it. Instantaneously, all the streaks of clouds, understandards. They say ecstasy intensifies yours. Maybe someone said it

‘The Joking and Bullying Controversy’

A society transforms itself in many ways and affects a nation deeply in a positive or a negative manner. Transformations always cause debates to take place in a society as the set traditions and cultures might be contradictory to some people while for others it

A Toast To Friendship

Lucas Scott once said, “Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one in the world who’s struggling, who’s frustrated, or unsatisfied, or barely getting by. That feeling is a lie. And if you just hold on, just find the courage to face it all

APS Attack: The Harsh Truth

The dust has settled, the buzz has dampened and the blood has dried, yet in stark contradiction to what was promised, thorns not roses, have sprung up in it’s place. I don’t, in any way, mean to demean the innocent lives lost in the APS


I saw the picture, And tried to decipher, A statue of greed, A curse indeed. Too many there are, Hearts covered in tar, Homes luxurious And wide, They walk with pride. Can not distinguish, Between love And lust, Belittle the poor, Break the trust. Suddenly

زن فانی کی ابدی پہچان

رضیہ سلطانہ نے ہندوستان کی سر زمین کو جب ہلا ڈالا، کیا اُس نے بھی عورت ذات کو کم سمجھا؟ نہیں۔ اُس نے تو خود اس بات کا ثبوت دیا تھا کہ عورت جیسا جذبہ، اس جیسا ولولہ اور اس جیسی ہمت شاید ہی کسی

The King of taboos

Let’s start off with a little mental jog. What’s the one thing we’ve all “enjoyed” yet we’re all (males and females) ashamed of it? Got it? No? Well that’s okay, I’ll answer it for you. It’s oatmeal cookies. Got you there, didn’t I? Actually, to

Troubled Teenager

Teen Burdens: A Quick Perspective

When a person is growing up, an important part of his life is his teenage. It is a time when he is in the transition to become an adult. He grows physically as well as mentally and consequently, in the mean time, his set of

میں ’’میں‘‘ کیوں نہیں

باپ کا سایا کیا ہوتا ہے کسی یتیم بیٹی سے پوچھو،شوہر کا تحفّظ کیا ہوتا ہے کسی بیوہ عورت سے پوچھو۔جیسے طوفانی بارش میں کوئی آپ سے چھتری چین لے، جیسے تپتی ریت میں کوئی آپ کو  ننگے پاؤں چھوڑ دے، جیسے کشتی ڈوب رہی ہو