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Plight of a Veiled Woman

Yes, I cover my body in veil to look cool, So does it signify that I’m an old school? I’m bold enough to make you look like a fool. So what if I can’t dance or listen to rock or rap, You can’t beat me


Those blue eyes Watching with wonder Where to seek shelter? It’s good near the trash bin, My stomach is empty, It has food in plenty. It’s going to rain, Will get soak in water, I have nothing to wear. Those blue eyes, Searching for his


It’s a time to wind up, Grieves and sorrows, Cheats and betrayals. It’s a time to make luggage of love and happiness, Hope and courage. It’s a time to travel, From an old to a new year, With the people who loved you, In the

Grey Mode

She is on a grey mode, Dispassionate, Isolated, Unemotional. Once she was silver, A symbol of feminine energy, Sensitive, Mysterious and Emotional. Then she began a new life, For the sake of love, She turned herself white, A blank slate to write a new story,

I Found Me

  Oh! my shining star in skies, You never smiled at me but once, and never relented in time but I, I counted for hours and days and months, Counting thousands but not for once, I tread past everything into vanity, I never knew when

A Black Day (APS)

I still remember the laughter and shouting in the morning. The tugging and pushing of the queues, and the prefect’s last warning. Suddenly a hand pulling my ear, “Learn your manners or you will stand out in the open air.”   I still remember my


I saw the picture, And tried to decipher, A statue of greed, A curse indeed. Too many there are, Hearts covered in tar, Homes luxurious And wide, They walk with pride. Can not distinguish, Between love And lust, Belittle the poor, Break the trust. Suddenly

Hope: to get out and start again

  If I made a commandment it would be: be free, To think and laugh for as far as your eyes can see, To remember your health and forget all else. Bad memories make the good ones great. To forget you’re human and just escape.


Born to the streets; whining, weeping, he grew up His unriped fruit–plucked, his smiling days–bleeding–across his face Numb eyes–watch those shiny cars race A hand pops out, drops an envelope, to the suspicious gaze The envelope man nods, cynical smile spreads The car stops, to


I let the words go, That were near to my heart. The thoughts I own, I set apart. For they were never mine, But a mere mirage. And then there comes, A ray that holds me, As the cloud holds rain. So deep and within, I