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Eat, Sleep, Academy, Repeat

After a while you kno After a while you kno After a while you kno After a while you need their heart. Alas, they’ve never happiness. They try it. Instantaneously, all the streaks of clouds, understandards. They say ecstasy intensifies yours. Maybe someone said it

The Educational Failure of Pakistan

Today we live in a country that once was a hub of modernization, a country whose people were considered to be role models. We were considered as a rising power which was to play a key role in global economy and growth, but with time

A Black Day (APS)

I still remember the laughter and shouting in the morning. The tugging and pushing of the queues, and the prefect’s last warning. Suddenly a hand pulling my ear, “Learn your manners or you will stand out in the open air.”   I still remember my

The Dilemma of a Child’s Education

Why is it that the great explorers of the world are merely a thing of the past, and the great inventors have left nothing more for us to invent? Today, scientists may enhance a product that is already built but have they occasionally come up

The Curse of Expectations

“My Child, you have full freedom to choose whatever field you want in your life.. Words every Pakistani youth can relate to, but with a subtle twist. “…. Tu ab batao, mera bacha doctor banay ga ya engineer?” I can understand that it’s in the

The Road To Success

Skill Enhancing Series Being a teacher, I have so many responsibilities on my shoulder. I must pray to have, not only the realization of this onerous responsibility, but also proper execution of the duties assigned to me. Realizing this arduous task, I planned to educate the young

Revitalising Fsc’s Rotting Core

Poor educational system is one of the major reasons why we are drowning in failure. The system has inflicted collateral damage by erasing inovativeness from the minds of students. It has tried its best to suppress the minds of the young generation. “Creativity” is basically

FSc. The Reason Why We Lag Behind

I always wanted to be a doctor. Dean of Medicine, to be specific. The dream of being a specialist, walking around the hospital with confidence like Hugh Laurie was utter ecstasy to me. It was all I ever wanted. There were no doubts of another