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Social Media: Pros & Cons

Everybody strays, everybody fall into a deep iron sea where the def Everybody fall into a deep iron sea where the def Everybody has enough strength left to get back up, dust off their clothes, hold their clothes, hold their clothes, hold their head up

Discouraging Ideologies

It feels like the society that we live in and the people who we share our lives with seem to be changing. Instead of getting better, everything seems to be falling apart. The society is becoming worse than before for people to live in. Rather

Christianity and Christmas

Christianity is a monotheistic religion in light of the life and lessons of Jesus Christ, who serves as the point of convergence for the religion. It is the world’s biggest religion, with more than 2.4 billion believers, or 33% of the worldwide populace known as

Pakistan: People, Culture and Places

Amongst 195 countries of the world there is a country located in the Asian continent, more specifically in the South-Asian region. Loaded and carrying its rich history within it and making more, it is the sixth most populous country of the world. Many warriors and

The USA of Trump

The Great US Elections

About exactly 16 years ago a victory was predicted by a part of the entertainment industry. By a writer, but not a writer of a famous movie or television series, but instead, by a writer of the most famous and one of the oldest animated

Architectural design of Lahore

For many years and centuries, Lahore has been the hub of the most beautiful architectural designs. Whether it’s Lahore Fort or Badshahi Masjid where the economy of the Mughal Empire went bankrupt, Lahore has presented plenty of beautiful work for the ages.  It got its

Our society

Welcome to our society, where men and women fight  over various issues for no noble cause. They fight to achieve something exclusively for themselves. Some get many opportunities while others are left wandering in the cruel, discouraging world still. But their search for opportunities never

The Media Influece

Media is a way of communication which can be through electronic, print or social medium. It is considered to be an extremely powerful tool which has been influencing the customs, traditions, norms and values of a society in different, yet, extremely influential ways. It has