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What is in my Backpack

Punjab Minister for production took the tough, the fact, the least, this is massively harmed due to takes up a backpack”. Let me share my experience without writing the nation” which give birth to meet these problems, I suddenly went in the economy in particular.

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Eat, Sleep, Academy, Repeat

After a while you kno After a while you kno After a while you kno After a while you need their heart. Alas, they’ve never happiness. They try it. Instantaneously, all the streaks of clouds, understandards. They say ecstasy intensifies yours. Maybe someone said it

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Dust Shadows and Charred Hearts

There’s this war we fight with our shadows. The chase ends and we fight with swords carved out of pieces of broken hearts; anger gushing on it, tormented. The gloom hides, but never leaves. We chase visions of a blind love buried long ago, where

Research on Brexit

Preface In a world struck by enormous issues, countries look to fight wars on the basis of strength of their economies. Various situations are witnessed across the globe almost every day. These include poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, population growth, gender inequality, poor health facilities, environmental abuse,

F.Sc: A failed system

The equivalence method adopted by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) is biased towards the students of the local matriculation and intermediate systems, placing O and A level students at a great disadvantage. Consequently, it is a common practice among O level students


انسان کا مقدر اُسے نہ جانے کہاں سے کہاں لے جاتا ہے۔ ایان اُس وقت چار برس کا تھا جب اُس کے والد کا وصال ہو گیا۔  ماں نے عدت پوری ہوتے ہی اپنے سابقہ عاشق سے شادی کر لی۔ وہ ایک نمبر کا شرابی

Midnight River in Daylight

The drops of the cold, ephemeral midnight river glided on the edge of your hands as I sat beside you, listening to you telling tales from your past – that first heartbreak; the sip of ice tea you took in a state of fever when

The Educational Failure of Pakistan

Today we live in a country that once was a hub of modernization, a country whose people were considered to be role models. We were considered as a rising power which was to play a key role in global economy and growth, but with time

I Found Me

  Oh! my shining star in skies, You never smiled at me but once, and never relented in time but I, I counted for hours and days and months, Counting thousands but not for once, I tread past everything into vanity, I never knew when