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‘The Joking and Bullying Controversy’

A society transforms itself in many ways and affects a nation deeply in a positive or a negative manner. Transformations always cause debates to take place in a society as the set traditions and cultures might be contradictory to some people while for others it

How Dil Dil Pakistan changed Junaid Jamshed’s life

There was and still is something very charming and fascinating about the unforgettable band Vital Signs which became an icon of patriotism in 1987 at the release of the evergreen song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’. It was the creativity of the talented young singers who made

The Living dead bodies

‘A Happy Life’. What does this phrase means to you? How important is a satisfied life to you? A life where there are no worries, anxieties, depression or injustice is a life that every human being dreams of and praises at the same time. It

Dowry Demands

Dowry; a menacing custom

Throughout the ages the world has experienced many traditions and customs prevailing in the society according to their norms and values. There are some traditions which are more prevalent in Asian countries if compared with the western part of the world and unfortunately ‘the Dowry system’