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45th President of the United States of America

Its time. The 45th President of the United States takes oath, which finally brings reality to a joke we all laughed at a couple of years ago, and a nightmare we have been dreading these past two months. This calls for observation, and while I as a foreigner in this supposed land of the free don’t care at all what the Americans want as for their future. I do find a cause for concern though. I have questions, and I am writing this to record, not to preach or disseminate my opinion. I am just disturbed, and curious.

I am concerned about the human ideal of government, power and democracy. All through my life to this point, I have seen a disjointed, horrible political system in my home country. Today, I cannot help but draw parallels with it here in the US, and it brings an unwanted sickening deja vu. For years I have seen businessmen and feudal, people who are born and bred in an oppressive family or clan or tribe, used to crushing paid slaves for profit, assume rules of noble politicians. They then come to power by massively rigging the masses using promises of a change, accountability of the current regime and outspending everyone else. For years, I have indulged in political debates with seemingly educated individuals supporting these cancerous politicians. After the latest election three years ago, I lost hope for the country. Pakistan is going to hell, and Pakistanis will take it there. Democracy is not for the illiterate, I assume. It is for the educated civilized nations of the West, the torchbearers, the role models for us to follow.
But here I am, and isn’t this a slap in the face?

It’s the same pattern. The losing side is too naive to see what’s unfolding, until it finally loses. It then goes and tries to gain support by feeding on people’s empathy, calling them into action, asking them to rally around and believe in change and be good civilians and citizens and all that bullshit. A loop we cannot escape, but a loop we choose to run in. We are being played and this is a circus and yet, we are the ones paying the tickets. We continue to watch the sparking lights and clap with our hands. And so I wonder what has brought us to this? Is it lack of literacy? Understanding of political systems, Education, Selfishness or Ignorance? What brings us so low?

But my biggest concern is, how can a human being be trusted? I find it deeply unnerving that people I know, people I thought I trusted, and who treat me just fine, which include some of my friends, relatives and family members choose to vote as their future leaders, politicians who have been oppressors all their lives. How can i trust someone who treats me well, but who clearly is not thinking about mine or their own future when they vote. These people, who appear seemingly sane, devout, moral, virtuous humans; people I have shared a meal with, who have smiled at me and been downright genuine – and yet they choose to vote for a person that they themselves try so hard not to be. I find it concerning that a person can claim to be good, while they don’t have the empathy to realize how their choices reflect on the people around them. To that end, I have zero faith in humans anymore. Do words matter anymore, no matter how reassuring? Do interactions matter, when in the solitary walls of a poling booth, people make choices that don’t reflect who they are with you?

Tomorrow, or maybe in a few days, I’ll suck up the bitterness and forget about this. The system will drown out my consciousness, tranquillize the hatred, and I’ll find goodness in people once more. But, let this be a reminder to everyone who voted for the countless cruel leaders that rule my homeland today, and the ones who voted for Mr. 45th; I don’t trust you. You are the worst of humanity. If you are a majority, and you are in reality what us humans are, I am ashamed to be the same as you. I am mad at evolution or whatever made us what we are today. I have lost hope in humanity.