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Plight of a Veiled Woman

Yes, I cover my body in veil to look cool,

So does it signify that I’m an old school?

I’m bold enough to make you look like a fool.
So what if I can’t dance or listen to rock or rap,
You can’t beat me in ‘Luddi’ steps
So what if I don’t go out with male friends,
I just don’t fall in these flirting trends
So what if I can’t skydive or go swimming,
I can do much more than what you’re planning
This veil is my comfort zone and my identity,
It hides my treasure, raises my dignity
It’s my personal matter, pointless to discuss,
Do I ever ask, “why you wear bikini or skirts?”
So please..! Stop judging my attire,
If it seems hell, let me burn in this fire.