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The Magical Motherhood

Out of all the miracles in the world, I am honored to be crowned with the one which is the most astonishing, blessed yet powerful. Yes, it’s the miracle of “carrying another soul within your body”. The Motherhood. It’s an entire new world of feelings a mother steps in. A women transforms into a mother right at the moment she acknowledges news of pregnancy. Such an amazing feeling it is to hold a soul as a part of your body. To experience every single stage of development.

Pregnancy is all about imagining, visualizing and sketching your baby. From embryo to newborn, the journey is filled with excitement and pain. Undoubtedly the pain is totally worth it. My words won’t do justice to this feeling. It’s something magical that can only ever be felt by owning the crown of motherhood.
There comes a time when a women feels like drowning as she fights the hurdles. She starts to doubt her capabilities and then intends to back out. But, I believe at this stage, its time to remind herself that she is a “Mother”. That’s her ultimate source of energy, in fact the power bank of all the energies. The power lies within motherhood. There would always be something that pushes a women forward at times of hurdles. The motherhood within whispers: “If I could be a mother, there is nothing on this planet I am not capable of doing.”

Being a women there are many achievements I am proud of but, nothing beats being a mother. I can be a lead professional, fitness lover, active socializer but the part of being a Mom comes first among the others. If there is something I can dream of and look forward to, that is the successful future of my child. It would label me as an accomplished mother. Being a mother not only changes your life physically but transforms everything. It might very well change your dreams and priorities. It makes you think twice for every single step you take. Motherhood at the same time makes you strong as well as weak. A mother is strong enough to fight against every hurdle that comes to her child. She tries her best to keep her child free of any kind of stress. A mother is a strong, fearless, challenging version of a women. On the other hand, the same crown comes with some fears. A mom is weak enough to be broken seeing tears in her child eyes. She becomes completely broken to see her child’s disperse personality. Her child’s minor disease is unbearable for her. She is a fighter against any harmful thing that comes to her child but a coward to the tears about the fears of her child. That’s why I labelled it as a magical crown.

The magical crown certainly comes along with many responsibilities. The higher the honor, the higher would be the responsibilities. It’s a lifetime duty. Mothers are the strange creatures who work 24/7 without getting paid. Motherhood is not only about playing with your toddler when you’re free or just simply labelling yourself with the honor of being a Mom. It demands sacrifice and unconditional love. Being a mother suddenly changes your priorities. Some mothers compromise their career and jobs, other compromise their social life. But, above all many of the moms sacrifice their dignity and self-respect. And for sacrificing that, one needs to be very strong. When it comes to self-respect, dignity or character, every women is justified to take a stand for her. But, a mom would think a hundred times just for the future of her child. Not to give her a bad family childhood. Isn’t it amazing that for a mom nothing is above her children.

Women are considered to be weak and delicate but, Allah the Almighty has honored us with this blessing. It is a proof of how strong a woman can be. Ever wondered why a man could not do the honor of bringing another soul into this world? Because, only a creator knows who has the ability to do so. You think woman lack power? Motherhood is the answer to the faces of all those dominating perceptions in our society.