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Perfection And Where To Find It

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

There are some things in your life which may sound perfect, in a moment or in a split of a second. They are perfect in that small, insignificant lapse of time. And, they may not come into your notice right away because to the world and to everybody around you, they are invisible. They are invisible to you too unless you look at them very closely and keenly. When you start appreciating the little moments more than the big ones, these moments then become more visible as these are the moments to hold on to.

Like the smile of a new-born or the very first drop of rain on the tip of your nose. Like the infinite rays of Sun beaming through leaves and the auburn colors of autumn. Like that chilled soda on a hot summer day or the hug of a best friend on a cold winter night. Like coming back home after a long trip or like the smell of happiness. Like finding that perfect song or like seeing that one line you can relate to. Like finding solace in the words of an unknown language. Moments that go unnoticed. Moments like waking up in the morning with a light soul. Or seeing your friends at the start of the day. Like the perfect color of your tea and the flawless shades of the Sun at sunset.

Perfection isn’t always a good job, a big house and a brand new car. It is not always a six figure amount in your bank account or the latest watch on your wrist. Sometimes perfection can be a local bus, some friends, or a roadside vendor. It may even be your Mother’s 80’s watch. Perfection is finding your purpose in life. Moreover, Perfection is finding yourself. Discovering that the universe is ever-expanding and there’s always a place for you.

All the little imperfect things in you when combined make you a perfect human being. Trivial things in your life, like those freckles on your nose and the scar on your back. You are a marvel of a single cell. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Perfection is always in the hidden corners of life, In the crevices and cracks. It blooms like Snowdrifts and Ivy from the voids of your existence. Sometimes perfection stands in front of you like the light of a thousand suns and sometimes it shines like tiny specks of glitter.

And sometimes, just sometimes, perfection is when you realize, that perfection isn’t perfection at all.


  • Hasnat Malik

    Nice Piece of Inspiration….
    Millions of seconds combine to form the whole life,
    If we are able to find Perfection in little things than the whole life would be Perfect….