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No man is an island; We all crave for human interaction

As I am typing these words, my mind, much like taking a stroll in a park, is busy relaxing in the environment of a house. That small, double-story house that was located at the end of the street where during the day, in the absence of any traffic on the road, children remained busy in playing cricket on the street.

Five years ago while moving to that house, I was worried about its small size. Never before had I ever lived in a small house and the fact that houses in that area were built so close that adjacent roofs appeared to mingle with one another, disturbed me in the beginning.

In those days it happened that while I sat in my room and tried to concentrate on my writing, I would hear my elderly neighbor doing bargaining with a vegetable vendor on the street. In the start, all those voices disturbed me but the love and care that we received from our neighbors compelled me to change my mind.
There was a water issue in that area and during the first year of our stay, when we were trying to adjust to our new environment, our neighbors were so willing to help us that they were even ready to fill our water tank. I remember two months after moving there when Eid-ul-Adha came, we didn’t keep an animal at home and our neighbors, getting concerned about us, never forgot to bring meat over. One of my neighbors was worried and thought that we didn’t cook anything.

I don’t know when and how it happened, but in the absence of any kind of traffic noise, my ears gradually got accustomed to hearing nothing but the songs of birds.
The window of my room, which was on the first floor of my house, opened onto the terrace; my blogging journey started in that room. So, while hearing the chirping of sparrows and observing the shades of sunlight filtering through the green leaves, my mind started to work and my fingers never failed to keep pace with it.
It’s been more than a month that I’m here at this new place. This new home is better. It’s airy but the thing that is disturbing me is the traffic on road. People in this area preferred to remain in their houses and while listening to the noise of motorbikes and cars on road, I longed for hearing the laughing voices of kids.
Once, while reading John Donne, I came across one of his poems in which he says that no man is an island. At that time I was not able to grasp its meaning but today in the absence of any kind of warmth and feelings of human beings in my surroundings, I can understand well the meaning of John Donne’s phrase.
Trying to remain optimistic, I can take this traffic outside my home as a movement of life but if there exists any difference, between that noise of children on that street and this noise of vehicles here, then it’s nothing but the fact that in those crying and laughing voices of children on street, I found hope and joy which is absent in this sound of traffic.
Though there’s a lot of noise but there’s no life in my surroundings.


Written by: Madeeha Kafeel