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I Found Me


Oh! my shining star in skies,
You never smiled at me but once,
and never relented in time but I,
I counted for hours and days and months,
Counting thousands but not for once,
I tread past everything into vanity,
I never knew when my soul was done,
and when all of me, have you won?
Alas! with no cure to my insanity,
The solitary me walked forever,
and sad that it just walked to “never”,
From never to forever I walked but, however,
I walked and walked with the stern obsession,
on the roads of love and the rivers of passion,
In the noblest of ways to the poorest of fashions,
I’m glad that I walked myself into vanity,
and I’m proud to have walked the roads of insanity,
For in that dusk of fall I found my rise,
And then so lately I came to surmise,
That loving you indeed was not very unwise,
And that by only being selfless,
It was a way to know my price,
Your Love connects my selfless to myself,
For a living one is always all about his dreams,
and now being satisfied, I lie under a tree,
Because when I looked for you, I in fact found me.


Written by: Hassan Saleem


  • Qudsia Huzaifa

    A deep thought with a good flow and rhyming.. I like the last line
    ‘when I looked for you, I in fact found me.’
    Indeed He is nearest to us more than we can imagine.