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The Human Resilence

As I sit on my table waiting for my dinner in Butler’s cafe, I look around and I see different types of people. Some are laughing with each other while others are indulged in various topics such as sports, food and relationships. So many stories on so many tables. Every table telling its own tale. What is behind this laughter? What is behind this chatty personality?

Every face hides a completely different person. Every laughter is hidden with probably a sad story, a heart-break, an accident or maybe, abandonment. Despite all that, why does a human smile, why do we take our sorrows and losses for granted? Maybe not for granted but, humans have a tendency to forgive and forget. Only a man can face anxiety, fear and vulnerability all at the same time and still manage to smile. It is the human nature to look past dejection.

We, human beings can not stay grieved for a long period of time no matter how big the calamity is. We suffer, agonize, weep and mourn but, we do end up forgetting all of that after some days, weeks, couple of months or there are some scenarios where it could even take years. But the pining does not last forever. That is how strong and relentless the human heart is. Maybe, the four atrioventricular valves in our hearts are there for a reason.

No matter how big the suffering is or how deep the cut is, you will survive through it. You will survive through every day of your life because you are strong and can be invincible, more importantly, because you are a HUMAN.

Written by: Ayeza Ansar.