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The Great US Elections

About exactly 16 years ago a victory was predicted by a part of the entertainment industry. By a writer, but not a writer of a famous movie or television series, but instead, by a writer of the most famous and one of the oldest animated cartoon television series, more commonly known as “The Simpsons”.

Simpsons is basically a story of a family having family members of different thoughts, mindsets and views, around whom the story of the series majorly revolves. Simpsons is the oldest comedy television show which started its first season in 1989 and is still running with its 28th season live. Simpsons is the cartoon series that predicted the future; the victory of the newly elected President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump.

Near the end of the last year the election campaigns in America began with a hit. Donald Trump against Hilary Clinton. Both started very slowly and steadily targeting different cities of either different states or of the same states. Completely planning their each and every move, their media advertising plans through print, social and electronic media, the team’s plans for the exciting campaign and who was going to lead them. This gave a boost to the campaign and also attracted a lot of people. The next thing they did was opening up themselves in front of the public to see if they could win the hearts of different people or not. They were able to provide their views in front of people regarding many different topics and scenarios. Well, the reviews they put forth did not surprise the people in America, as much as they did the people of other countries and other nations.

People began to get surprised when not Hilary but majorly Trump opened his mouth about race, ethnicity, color, gender, religion, immigrants, borders and boundaries. Although it was obvious and formerly known to people that Hilary and Trump, both would do the same thing, but where Hilary was going to do everything quietly rather than using any harsh words and staying polite, at the very same time people knew that Trump was most certainly going to do the same thing but more harshly and mercilessly.

It left people astonished when he announced that he would throw all the immigrants out if he became the president to provide “the true Americans” with jobs, or when he said that he would build a wall on the boundary of America and Mexico because apparently Mexico is the place from where America seems to be getting the supply of everything bad.

Trumps views were astonishing leaving everyone stunned and startled. This is a major reason that Trump got extremely famous. He also got his title of “Orange is the new black” due to the color of his face. There was suddenly a huge increase in his fame but majorly it existed because people from all over the world were basically cursing and sarcastically commenting on Trump and his standpoints.
In simple words, America controls the whole of the world’s decisions, whether it’s economy, or the world market, or the major decisions that any country makes, it is all affected by America.

Not following the policies that were set by the previous leaders and setting up your own new policies is a big decision. Making strong plans and then convincing a huge number of people is an extremely tough job but it seemed that even after all the opposition and criticism and disapproval, he was able to not just win the hearts of the people but the elections of 2016 as well proving himself to be a tough competitor for many rather than just Hilary.

After Trump won, the whole world kind of celebrated the destruction of America by taunting its choice and decision in choosing a leader and feeling pity and sad for the nation. On the other hand uncountable calls congratulating him on his success by different leaders of the world poured in, but for the nation itself, they denied to accept the truth themselves, and finally the next level of the elections started: Riots.

In different states of America protests and riots started. People in different states came out on the streets where they completely disagreed to accept the results of the elections and showed denial. Holding banners which showed disagreement to his victory became a protest from a silent procession. Violence and causing destruction became part of these protests. When situation got out of control the matters were handed over to the Police who handed the matters in their own way and it took less time to turn it in to Violence against Violence.

Trump on the other hand was celebrating his success by proudly receiving the title of the President of United States. He succeeded Obama and Obama like any good, respectable and reputable president handed over his duties and responsibilities over to Trump. He also took control of the White house with pure dignity and happiness. Hilary accepted her defeat but her eyes showed the truth when tears came rolling down her eyes. Later, she also refused to accept the results of the elections and requested for a recount. “Everyone should finally accept the results of the elections” was the reaction of Trump with regard to the whole situation.

Well, concluding, with the great U.S elections, everyone is now hoping that the next 4 years pass smoothly and politely without becoming a cause for something bad. Trump’s policies are not so hard or harsh that make people, eagerly wait for Trump to go, or take a different step towards the policies of Trump. The world accepts him as a respectable leader and a President of United States of America and he completes his tenure without any problems. Hoping for the best.