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Monthly Archives: December 2016

F.Sc: A failed system

The equivalence method adopted by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) is biased towards the students of the local matriculation and intermediate systems, placing O and A level students at a great disadvantage. Consequently, it is a common practice among O level students

Tea Trolley Tradition: Rishta aya hai!

A room full of stressed air, with two families sitting opposite each other, exchanging small talk and strained smiles. In walks “the” girl with a trolley. I serve tea to all present, amidst observant eyes. I was nervous and tense but tried to maintain a

‘The Joking and Bullying Controversy’

A society transforms itself in many ways and affects a nation deeply in a positive or a negative manner. Transformations always cause debates to take place in a society as the set traditions and cultures might be contradictory to some people while for others it

Christianity and Christmas

Christianity is a monotheistic religion in light of the life and lessons of Jesus Christ, who serves as the point of convergence for the religion. It is the world’s biggest religion, with more than 2.4 billion believers, or 33% of the worldwide populace known as


انسان کا مقدر اُسے نہ جانے کہاں سے کہاں لے جاتا ہے۔ ایان اُس وقت چار برس کا تھا جب اُس کے والد کا وصال ہو گیا۔  ماں نے عدت پوری ہوتے ہی اپنے سابقہ عاشق سے شادی کر لی۔ وہ ایک نمبر کا شرابی


It’s a time to wind up, Grieves and sorrows, Cheats and betrayals. It’s a time to make luggage of love and happiness, Hope and courage. It’s a time to travel, From an old to a new year, With the people who loved you, In the

Grey Mode

She is on a grey mode, Dispassionate, Isolated, Unemotional. Once she was silver, A symbol of feminine energy, Sensitive, Mysterious and Emotional. Then she began a new life, For the sake of love, She turned herself white, A blank slate to write a new story,

Pakistan: People, Culture and Places

Amongst 195 countries of the world there is a country located in the Asian continent, more specifically in the South-Asian region. Loaded and carrying its rich history within it and making more, it is the sixth most populous country of the world. Many warriors and