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A Voice for the Rights of Women

Women are born and are known by the name of their fathers. They grow up and are known by the names of their husbands. But here a question arises; when is she known by her own name? Where is her identity lost in this discriminating society? What is her identity except a daughter, sister, wife or a mother?

Now if I ask, that are women treated equally in our society, are they really free, are they protected, then many arguments and examples will be placed in the front of me as answers. Then I ask those brothers and sisters that is majority of the women population of your country enjoying their rights? I agree that women are respected but at all places. They are free, but not everywhere. They are safe, but not at all times.

How can I say that they are all treated equally as men when I have seen the female topper of my school sent to a locality college and her brother, who barely passed his exams, sent out of city for further education? How can I say that women all are free when my own mother was not sent to high school in the other village, just because she was a girl? How can I say that women are getting their rights when I have seen a widow not getting a single rupee from her husband’s property on divorce, when i have seen hundreds of acid victims? No! No! Women are not getting their rights. Women’s rights are strictly violated.

I’ll explain the violation of women’s rights by telling you about an incident which took place in the near past. In a city of Central Punjab (the city from which once the Chief Minister of Punjab was also elected), a shameful incident took place under the nose of government officials. Once again a woman was treated like animals. Once again, the honour of Bint-e-hava was rolled under the feet of a tyrant set up known as the Punchayat in the local language. It all started when the girl was raped by a man who was then sent to jail after the decision of the trial court. After the man was released from the jail, it was claimed by the victim that this was not just enough. Therefore, a decision of the Punchayat was given to the father of the victim, to do the same shameful act with the daughter of criminal. It is not the first time when soul threatening decisions are given by the local jury system. The women who was raped to cover up the mistake done by her father was pregnant. She knew that this society will not let her live like before. So, she shot herself and died just because of us. Moreover, no complaint was even filed by her father. Is this the justice of our society? When she was crying for justice, our media was busy in increasing their ratings by giving updates about Turkish President’s visit to Pakistan. Only after the day’s topic was closed, today I was hearing about the murder of a stage artist. Is this the security of women in our society? Such a violation of women’s rights is also violation of human rights.

Today the respected Chief Minister, Punjab was telling us about importance of women’s rights. But I ask him, where was he when a girl died in his province due to violation of women’s rights and he didn’t notice. We are all her murderers because we are, ourselves, dead inside. We don’t have the courage to raise a voice for women and human rights. No doubt, many movements are working for such women, but such a change can not be made by a few people. It needs a change in the thoughts of every countryman. Because a change in an individual changes the house. A change in the houses changes the town, and then the country, and finally the whole world.

Just think, why is your beloved Pakistan on the third number in the list of countries where women’s rights are unprotected. Yes! there is a need of change. There is a need for a voice for women’s rights. A voice for human rights. A voice from the heart from every human being.

Written by: Sher Afghan Ranjha