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Hope: to get out and start again


If I made a commandment it would be: be free,
To think and laugh for as far as your eyes can see,
To remember your health and forget all else.
Bad memories make the good ones great.

To forget you’re human and just escape.
To make the winter mean the summer is near,
And the storms to bring the clear.
To be thankful of life to up at the stars,
But while on earth pretend to be on mars.

To know, not everything you face can change,
But be changed when you face,
Your biggest fears which bring you to tears,
To become the reason you out-do your peers.

To know the Zen you find on a mountain is the Zen you take,
And to teach is to make a mind skate,
To remember if you’re looking down on someone you’re helping them up,
And giving them your tender touch.
To know unfinished can also be complete,
To walk tall and not look at your feet.

To live for the moment and forget the past,
To know you’ll have the last laugh,
Not to share my riches but to show their own,
And know you have the key to create the unknown.

To fulfill life’s prophecies in your own special way,
At the beginning of night or the end of the day,
To be free as a butterfly preparing for flight,
Leaving the world and all out of sight.

To take off and fly wherever you go,
To be free as a bird looking down below,
Freedom gives you the space to move whether full or empty with nothing to lose
Swimming in an ocean of discontent is like drowning with your consent,
Dive into the pool and swim to the end and get out and start again


  • Sher Afghan Ranjha


  • Saman


  • Taha

    Wow! Great work