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The Season of Letting Go

“There is no better time than the autumn to begin forgetting the things that trouble us, allowing them to fall away like dried leaves.”

– Paulo CoelhoAdultery.

Autumn. There’s something in this season, in this weather, that stirs a restlessness in you. An urge. A passion. To peruse what you lost and get what was yours once. Peace of mind. Amity of your soul. There’s no better time to start believing in yourself again and there is without a doubt, no better moment to renew your existence. Because this is the season, trees sympathize with you. This is the season the environment depicts the true colors of your heart. The reds and oranges and yellows. Oh, what a rainbow of dull hues.

When you walk on crisp leaves every morning, liberate yourself of all your worries. The time when the dry winds of Autumn blow your hair on your face, shy away from all the wrong things. The dim sad Sun shines in the vast teal sky, washing away your insecurities. When the trees express their naked branches with petty flowers on them, drown your demons and be on the lookout for inspiration.

Inside your coffee mugs, in the splatter of rain drops, in the sidewalks filled with leaves, in the empty roads at 6 pm, in the gloves on your hands and the warm hats on your head. Look for the signs. How do the trees let go of leaves or how do the leaves let go of color? How is it that the weather let’s go of the warmth and your heart let’s go of toxicity? Find peace. Search for it in the grey days and long black nights, and starry skies, and in the low hum of the continuous wind. Find peace in the twilight of an autumn day or in the sunset.

Notice how the Sun matches with the season itself and how your mind waves towards the serenity of the end of the day. Try to notice how your eyes shine with fire and the curve that forms on your lips. Notice the harmony in yourself. Learn from this season. Learn the art of letting go. Each year. The wrongdoings of the previous one.