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Let us breathe…

The fight for equality between a man and a woman has been going on since time immemorial. Everywhere the world cries for a woman’s right yet the male continue to dominate. But in this fight between the two sexes of the world, what have we overlooked? The third sex, perhaps? A woman is thrashed, beaten, and broken, and women activists and feminists rally together to protest against such heinous crimes. But when a transgender is abused, what does the world do?

We laugh and we scorn on the way they walk. We imitate them the way they talk. We call them names, we look away when they come to our car windows, and we hold our children’s hands tightly when they walk by us. But have we ever stood beside them and listened to their stories? Have we ever reached forward and extended a helping hand to guide them out of their plight?

The incident about transgender people getting beaten up and their heads shaved has been circulating the media since the past few weeks, and there was another of a transgender who was murdered earlier. How many rallies or supporters took to the streets then? What has been done up till now to ensure the safety of the transgender people, and to prevent such monstrous crimes from taking place again?

These are not the first incidents to have occurred, nor will they be the last. Why has not the government enforced a law against their abuse? The transgender are offered no psychological or health assistance, and there is no way for them to recover from a trauma or accident. A hospital refused to admit one person because they could not decide which gender ward to admit that person in.

Why does our nation forget that they are human too? We humiliate and torture them, and neither do we give them any rights. They are not allowed to work in our offices or home and when they are left with no other option than to earn through begging, dancing or prostitution, we degrade them further for being low classed.

Is it really too much for us to allow them to earn an honest living, a respectful living? Why do we alienate them so much when these people are born in our very own homes? There is no different way of them being born, no other place or separate community that they are born into. They are born in normal families, like yours and mine. They originate from normal people like yours and my parents. Why do we not consider them normal then? Sure, they have something that sets them apart from the others, but they are not the product of a man’s will power, rather they are the creation of Allah.

In an interview, a transgender commented that they are treated worse than dogs. It is true. They are treated worse than animals, because humans cannot categorize them as humans but they cannot be called animals either. People, “normal people” do not know how to deal with them, what to call them, how to behave towards them. Should it not be enough for us to know that they ARE human? That Allah created them, and we have to respect all creations of Allah.

We may be the crown of Allah’s creation, but has that given us a right to treat others we consider lesser than us however we wish? We stomp around on our pedestals, considering ourselves high and mighty, just because we may be born apparently normal, but that does not qualify for us to imagine we are entirely superior. We are not, and we have no right to assume as such.

The concerned authorities need to start taking initiatives to protect the transgender and people need to open their hearts to allow these people in. They just need a little bit of acceptance, and they are truly worthy of it. They are not for us to call on our festivities to entertain us, nor do they deserve to be left for begging on the streets. They have a right to education as all humans do and to make something of their lives. They deserve to prosper and to earn respectfully, a person’s gender should not have to matter in this regard. They need to be left alone in peace and they need to breathe.