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Architectural design of Lahore

For many years and centuries, Lahore has been the hub of the most beautiful architectural designs. Whether it’s Lahore Fort or Badshahi Masjid where the economy of the Mughal Empire went bankrupt, Lahore has presented plenty of beautiful work for the ages.  It got its major importance in the time of the Mughal Empire when a lot of focus was put on the buildings and Lahore proved to be amongst the luckiest cities where the exemplary buildings were made. The Mughal Empire by doing so did not just reserve pages for its history in the future books but, it also gave the city its true importance by increasing its value in the eyes of the historians and architects.

The Architectural Design of Lahore can also be known as the heritage of the Mughal Empire because majority of the buildings were made in that era. Located in the Shahi Guzargah of Lahore lies an exceptional example of the beautiful Masjid Wazir Khan.  Commissioned by the chief physician to the Mughal Court Ilm ud Din Ansari, its construction began in 1634 and was led to completion in 1642.

Masjid Wazir Khan is famous for its tile work known as “Kashi Kari” along with the Mughal design. Divided into several sections, the building’s main architectural design falls under three categories which can be the exceptional tile work, frescoes and the architectural embellishments. Influence from Persia can be seen in the tile work of Wazir Khan.  The richly embellished courtyard with motifs and palette and the use of famous Persian colors of the time like cobalt blue, white, green, orange, yellow and purple along with the drawing of star-shaped flowers and grapevines further prove the fact that Persia had a strong influence on the making of this particular building.

The breath-taking decorative style of the interior makes us focus on the frescoes as well. It shows a combination of Mughal style and the Punjabi decorative style that was common in the Mughal styled buildings. The Holy place’s largest dome rests on the top of its main prayer hall square pavilion. The inside of the dome contains beautiful drawings of trees, fruits and pitchers of wine which depict the Islamic concept of paradise.

Featuring Lahore’s first example of the Muqarna and, the presence of the decoration with floral motifs is present in the arched niche of the mosque’s entrance. The low domes present the style of the Lodi dynasty which ruled Lahore before the arrival of the Mughal Empire.

It is usually said that although Badshahi Masjid is the biggest building in Lahore but, Masjid Wazir Khan is the true building ruling the hearts of a million. It does seem true though because of its exceptional designs.