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Confession of a smoker

As I lie down in my empty room with all this smoke, smog and disappointment, my heart burns to light another cigarette; it shifts every time, from loving people to staring at the materialistic possessions which I’ll never own. I get tired of these lectures because I doubt if things will ever change. But, I also forget the simple fact that “smoking kills”.

Obviously the people who are sincere to me would advise me to stop damaging my lungs. But, they don’t know how I’ve ended up damaging everything. It starts with something you do which is to make yourself look ‘cool’. Something to impress the people surrounding you. Something that you think will give you a classic touch. But surprise, surprise! It’s not, never was and never will be.
People ask me, with curiosity, how do I handle such a bitter taste? They don’t know for a person who can handle all the bitterness of this world, nicotine comes off as the sweetest addiction. The people around the smoker are too busy judging him/her, but they don’t pause to ponder what has bothered him/her so much that they are steadfast on destroying their own lives. The craving tears a person apart, from body to soul.
If you still don’t get it, then take a look at the disastrous effects of smoking:
But the million dollar question is still hovering around in your mind, isn’t it? Why do people smoke? It’s like asking, why do people live? Why do people love? Why do people breathe? But, this illogical question has a logical answer. Adrenaline! The rush of it running through your veins followed by a sense of calmness. The smoke spreads and the high level of dopamine gives you the notion that all of your problems will get solved. The truth is, they don’t, they never have for anyone, and they never will for you either.
To all the smokers, stop killing yourselves! Stop it already! Find someone, or better yet find yourself, groom yourself, love yourself, go out and meet new people. Read more, love more, laugh more, live more! Stop acting like you have one more life to waste. The outcome may not be in your hands, but I guarantee that the process always is. No one can stop you from being a better person. As long as there is no enemy within, the enemy outside doesn’t matter. Crush that enemy inside you! Kill that cocoon of failure, break it and let your soul run; flutter like a butterfly.
On an ending note, you don’t need a reference, citation or a university study to believe it, because this is as legit as it gets. If you still don’t believe it, take a look at the following link which leaves you no excuse to quit smoking:

This is the confession of a smoker. And I hope this makes you understand how devastating smoking actually is. If you’re not a smoker, then this might help you avoid it. If you’re a smoker, learn from your past and strive for a better future, for there is life ahead which you surely don’t want to smoke away.

  • stella