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Say no to bodyshaming

There’s always a first time for everything; first time you fall in love, first time you make a best friend, first time you breakup, first time you get your heart-broken, first time you kiss, first time you feel worthless.

Similarly, one can not forget the first time he or she is body-shamed. The literal meaning of body-shaming is the practice of making critical, potentially humiliating comments about someone’s body shape and size. I believe the phrase ‘humiliating comments’ is enough for ‘body shamers’ to realize that what they do is not just, making fun of the other person’s physical looks, but what they really do hurt them mentally and emotionally.

We do not realize that we are living in a world made of paper where emotions and pain have no importance, where tears and sorrow have no definite meaning. If someone, somehow gets hurt by the body shamer’s offending words, then they’re not strong enough, or brave enough to face it and are actually accepting what the offender is saying.

Body-shaming is when you call someone ‘too fat’. It’s when you tell a girl she’s growing a beard. It’s when you tell a man he’s too short. What is the point of all these devastating remarks? Why do people have to be so conscious about this? Why can’t we judge someone by their actions and not their looks?
There is always a first time when you get body-shamed. Hence, make that first time a lesson for the ‘body shamers’. Ignore them. Concentrate on your life. Never let others drag you down. Your life is certainly more valuable than their foolish remarks.


Written by: Ayeza Ansar.

  • Sher Afghan Ranjha

    Well said
    We should not concentrate on what others say