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Love and its misconceptions

There are some days when you pause for a moment and think, are you really investing into something in your life? Are you really doing what you want to do? Are you happy with what you are? Those are the days when you realise that all you ever did was not worth it and all that you’ll ever do has no meaning either.

You meet people in your life whom you fall in love with. Those people may be your friends, or maybe your lover and at the same time it’s not necessary that they should be people. You may fall in love with different things, places, cats or maybe even a dog. But, is that love enough for you? Why is it so important for you to fall in love with a guy or a girl and only then you’re able to say that your love is complete? Why? Did you ever ask yourself that?

Love, as described by our society, is not just a feeling felt for a boy or a girl which ultimately results in a relationship or perhaps, marriage. Love is beyond that, so much more than that. You’re in love if you get good grades and you run home just to tell your father to see the pride and excitement in his eyes. You’re in love if you’ve had a rough day and you lay in your mother’s lap just to cry. You’re in love when you buy a new shirt and you call your sister to tell her how happy you are. Love is when you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you call your best friend to scream and cry your heart out. Love is so much more. Love is when you feel the warm sun on your face and you want to sit in that sun all day long. Love is when you stick your head out of your car’s window and just close your eyes. Love is when you see the sun rise and the sun set.

We have all been in love. We have all been on that road. You just need to feel the moment that takes your breath away. That moment does not have to be with someone. You, yourself are enough to feel love. Love is not confined. Love is so much more than that.


Written by Ayeza Ansar.

  • Abdullah khan

    Love is watching harry potter series all again❤