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Our society

Welcome to our society, where men and women fight  over various issues for no noble cause. They fight to achieve something exclusively for themselves. Some get many opportunities while others are left wandering in the cruel, discouraging world still. But their search for opportunities never cease. The shameful part is, instead of providing encouragement and motivation to these people, the society criticizes them on their failures. They are continuously reminded of their deeds as well as their wrong decisions. The society plays no role in supporting them. Instead, it aggravates their situation making them consider themselves nothing but a failure. This finally leads them to a horrific end like suicide.

In my opinion the person who committed suicide should not be held responsible because his cry for help was not answered. The blame falls on the shoulders of the society in which we all live, breathe and die. The fault lies within. Myths are created, taboos supported, stereotypical images perceived and societies move on generation to generation not just practicing them but also passing the same rigid and narrow-minded concepts that have been followed in the society for so long.

If a person fails, he or she is ridiculed. The situation is fit into a rigid frame and the decision depends on the conclusion figured out by the frame. What we fail to realize is that we are the ones who make up the society; creating a cognitive pattern and then promoting the set pattern according to whatever way we want. Thus, we become selfish by forcing people to agree with our opinion. And at the same time, we turn our backs on those who are stuck in a difficult situation.

The society does get unbearable due to its different irrational rules and regulations which are responsible for continuously strangling many lives daily, forcing them to take decisions that may prove fatal for them. In order to make a change, we first have to revamp our own beliefs and motifs. We can only change the flawed setup, the narrow mind sets and the rigid concepts if we ourselves have the true will to do so. We have to banish the discouragement that has been brewing in the society for a long period of time.

It’s time to take bold steps if we want to make everything that has happened in the past and is happening in the present, remain in the past. It’s time we pave our ways to a bright future. These positive changes must be introduced in order to mold the society in the best possible way to live and survive. People will be able to enjoy their life, take decisions without the basic fear of what others might say, how they might judge them on the basis on mere small decisions that they make.

A better society can definitely contribute in the growth and development of positive and independent individuals, who will be able to benefit the society in return. In short society is the most important part of a community. A society plays a part in the upbringing of children just like the child’s parents because in the end those children are the ones who grow up to become a member of the society. If their upbringing is not ideally done, they result will be disastrous. But if it is done in a perfect way, they will succeed in doing wonders and create peace and harmony in the world. These days, people are ready to bite each other off and destroy and leave others smashed into a tiny piece. And it’s time we end this oppression and mark our way to better days.