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Falling Short

It all starts with you doing something with all your heart and soul – you do everything correctly, work overtime and make it to the end, through sweat and tears. The fruit of your struggle is expected to be something rewarding, impressive and even satisfying; a reward designed to make you stand out amongst the others. The question is, why do we lose?

Sometimes, life can be ruthless. It opens its doors, screws you over and leaves. We’re left trying to think about what just happened to us, in disbelief and confusion, with the remnants of our entitlement in our hands, slowly dissolving as we process our unfortunate day.

We all have bad days, worse days and even some of the worst days possible and it’s a wonder to see how we keep getting up, day upon day, to fight, continue our mission, inspire and be the role models we’re meant to be – to see our name somewhere etched in history. The human mind is funny. We think we deserve something for our efforts, something we’re entitled to. But we fail to realise that our best simply may not be good enough.

We rethink our choices in life and what we’ve achieved so far, with a slight understanding of the eye-opening thought – when we mess up, is that the real us? Is that all our potential? Is that all we can earn?

We’re left eternally hopeless. We stare at the face of our hopes, fallen over and stepped upon. We’re left shattered by the very things we’re supposed to be looking forward to, because of certain standards and benchmarks set by a few individuals who were probably never going to even meet us in our lives. The world has defined certain material achievements/rewards as standards of success and accomplishment and it’s sad to see people stumbling on their path to ‘greatness’.

However, whether or not that realization hits you, it is no excuse for you to hang up the cowl and try to make attempts to move on – there’s no excuse for not trying and dropping your dreams like you’re dropping subjects. Life is full of disappointments and heartbreaks. But that does not mean you give up. Everytime you get up, determined to fulfill a goal, give it everything you have. Never let your fire die out; the day that happens is the day you lose.


Written by: Yazdan Basir