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Love bond

There is a spark in your darkness,

The fire of beauty in your calmness,

The charm that makes me courageous,

To enlighten my world, with your fineness,

You’re the words to my silence,

That makes me fall in your love of my blindness,

You are the verse of my life, that brighten ups my eyes,

Always going further and further, beyond the oceans of trusts, to protect me of my venom,

Believing me as a shelter of stars for your soul, then covering yourself by the shadow of my imperfections,

That I started mentioning you as a kindness to my sake before the Lord of all Lords of the eternity,

And bows down to Him every night to let you be forever mine,

Offering you to me as a reward of my ever did deeds of kindness,

Showering up as his miracles of greatness in return of my purest of all prayers for your safety,

That you have become the source of every happiness, my every reason of joy,

Seeing my love for you every day,

The number of stars in sky are even shy and say,

Today Let’s sign a commitment together, For the respect of our love and wish for that every moment,

We both will remain each other’s for ever and ever.