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Medical (Merit and buried gems)

Pakistan is a country where a new-born child is destined to be a doctor or should I say that they are forced regardless, of the financial benefits or the purity of profession. This field has always been the top priority for gems. That is why we are witnessing an unguided flood of youth in this particular field of science. The question is that how many of these gems get the chance to shine up to their utmost brightness?

Many medical students opted for this field just because their parents wanted them to do so. And the others are those who really took it as an ambition instead of a profession to only earn bread and butter. But, the latter is just a small fraction of the actual figure. According to a survey, about 56000 students attempted the MCAT test last year, out of which only 4000 got the admissions in Government institutes. What about the remaining 52000? Some of them reattempts, while some started to look towards other fields. And sadly, a few of them ended up committing suicide. There should have been someone to help them through their tough times and give them hope by telling them that “Buddy that ain’t your race. Don’t push it too hard on yourself.” There should have been a proper system that should have prevented those poor souls deaths.

We all know that the main flaw is in our education system and yet it’s the hardest nut to crack. How can someone decide a students competence where you are rewarded for your memory instead of intellect. And if I’m not wrong, I quote someone who I really admire; “In this system, a child writes someone’s answers to someone else’s asked questions”. And at last, after your all efforts you don’t win the race then it was never a race that you were meant to win. There should be no regrets and nothing to be ashamed of. You still are a gem. What can possibly happen if you don’t end up becoming a doctor? It doesn’t means that its the end of your life. Don’t bury yourselves but instead, show the world your full potential.


Written by: Abdullah Khan.

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