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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Dowry Demands

Dowry; a menacing custom

Throughout the ages the world has experienced many traditions and customs prevailing in the society according to their norms and values. There are some traditions which are more prevalent in Asian countries if compared with the western part of the world and unfortunately ‘the Dowry system’

Feminist Logo

A Voice for the Rights of Women

Women are born and are known by the name of their fathers. They grow up and are known by the names of their husbands. But here a question arises; when is she known by her own name? Where is her identity lost in this discriminating

ظلم نہ کرو

’’دفع ہو جاؤ یہاں سے‘‘  (عورت نے لڑکی کو ٹانگ رسید کی۔ سائیڈ ٹیبل کی نوک سے اس کا سر ٹکڑایا۔ خون مسلسل بہہ رہا تھا۔) ’’اور جاتے ہوئے تمام برتن بھی لیتی جا ورنہ تیری ماں کو بلاؤں گی اور اُس سے اٹھواؤں گی۔

Hope: to get out and start again

  If I made a commandment it would be: be free, To think and laugh for as far as your eyes can see, To remember your health and forget all else. Bad memories make the good ones great. To forget you’re human and just escape.

The Season of Letting Go

“There is no better time than the autumn to begin forgetting the things that trouble us, allowing them to fall away like dried leaves.” – Paulo Coelho, Adultery. Autumn. There’s something in this season, in this weather, that stirs a restlessness in you. An urge. A passion.

Architectural design of Lahore

For many years and centuries, Lahore has been the hub of the most beautiful architectural designs. Whether it’s Lahore Fort or Badshahi Masjid where the economy of the Mughal Empire went bankrupt, Lahore has presented plenty of beautiful work for the ages.  It got its

Let us breathe…

The fight for equality between a man and a woman has been going on since time immemorial. Everywhere the world cries for a woman’s right yet the male continue to dominate. But in this fight between the two sexes of the world, what have we

Confession of a smoker

As I lie down in my empty room with all this smoke, smog and disappointment, my heart burns to light another cigarette; it shifts every time, from loving people to staring at the materialistic possessions which I’ll never own. I get tired of these lectures because

Wilting flowers

Say no to bodyshaming

There’s always a first time for everything; first time you fall in love, first time you make a best friend, first time you breakup, first time you get your heart-broken, first time you kiss, first time you feel worthless. Similarly, one can not forget the