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An open letter

An open letter to my future kids, who will be born in an era of prosperity and success, when the world might settle on Mars and Cancer is cured, in a world that is not so similar to the one in front of us today. That world may be for better or worse. A world where you won’t get to play on the streets but, a world where standards are high and diseases are cured, where racism is in the past and countries are recognized for their women. Maybe in that world you won’t know the joy of climbing trees in scorching afternoons but you’ll know what having a sharp mind will feel like and you’ll know how to solve puzzles and you’ll even learn how to tie your shoelaces at five in the morning.

But amidst all this, I want to tell you that everything is going to turn out to be fine in the end. Its fine if you don’t get higher grades but do like to read books, cook and paint. In case you sometimes forget to do your homework on time but you do remember to feed the homeless man on the side-walk each day then that’s great. The point being that there are other qualities that exist within you that make up for your inconsistencies in other areas of life. In this world that tells you to be the best, I will never tell you that you’re not good enough. Because, I believe that even your presence can mean something important to someone.

You’re not perfect and neither am I, but a world where we live in, people strive for perfection rather than success and let me tell you, neither is important . What’s important is that you chose happiness over some low life job and I understand that it is easier said than done, but my dear friends, when you approach that stage, you’ll understand that making memories alongside friends is far more important than making money and achieving perfection. If you fail, just remember that your parents did too and everybody else in the world have also failed at some point too, and remember that I know you’re struggling but it’s okay.

In a world where you will live in, paper backs and hand written letters will be long gone, where love will be an illusion and friendships won’t be made without benefits, but do not let this world shape you into itself. My dearest friends, let this world shape you into wonderful human beings who will learn to love and make friends. And even if you prefer cooking over chemistry or, painting over physics. If you like to read books instead of partying with your friends then see this straight, that it is all okay.

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