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Chai wala; the boy whose life we all changed.

Most of the people who do use the internet are believed to be the literate class of Pakistan, they are the ones who are educated and  privileged enough to have access to the Internet. So, how did an illiterate boy who works in the Sunday Bazaar become an Internet sensation over night? Well, that is the absolute beauty of social media.

Arshad Khan is 18 years old and comes third in line from his seventeen brothers and sisters. He never got the chance to attend school and has been working at the Sunday Bazaar for the past six years. First at a curtains shop, then as a fruit/vegetable seller and then as a tea seller (Chai wala). He lives in a two bedroom Mud house (kacha ghar) in Golra station, Islamabad. There is no electricity in his house and he didn’t even own a mobile phone at that time. And the harsh truth is that if he wasn’t as good-looking as he is, no one would have looked at him twice. But he is indeed good-looking, probably more than the most of us reading this article.

God blessed him with piercing eyes with the colour of the ocean, a close to perfect face structure, a jaw bone that could kill a man, a charming smile that never needed braces along with dark thick hair and, he doesn’t even have a bad nose. Sure, his eyes could have you hooked but what I personally love the most about him is his simplicity. The humble and down to earth vibe he gives out. He is a simple man and has attracted the hearts of millions of girls. He doesn’t act like some big shot yet he’s a star.

He’s not someone who graduated from a foreign university or went to private schools and ended up on coke studio with millions of YouTube views. He just simply woke up, got dressed, went to his chai stall and did what he did best, selling a cup of tea for 20 rps.

And then one day, someone comes in and takes his picture, posts it on her Instagram and boom! He was a celebrity. He went from 20 rps per cup to expensive talk show interviews, getting groomed from renowned men salons, being offered modelling contracts and whatnot. And all this happened only because of his extremely good looks. This may sound somewhat shallow but this incredible incident has flipped his life. A simple act of just sharing a photograph online has brought a miracle upon his life.

But just as fast the social media can make you a star, it can also forget you very quickly. So I’m making a request to you all. If in the coming days, you lose interest in this guy and start to think that he’s too over-rated. Do not stop supporting him! Because it is with our support that we won’t only be improving his life but also the life of his seventeen siblings. Maybe his younger siblings will get the chance to attend school, which he never got. Hopefully, this Chai Wala will be the first of many who will be given opportunities in Pakistan irrespective of their background, social status and bank balance.

I personally don’t like to think of him as a good-looking guy who just got lucky. But instead, I see him as a young man whose life got changed because the whole nation saw something special in him and brought him the attention he deserved.

Let’s all work together in uplifting each other, instead of dragging each other down, in every single field. Either its academic, business, sports or fashion. There aren’t many opportunities in Pakistan especially for the lower class. But let’s change that.

Let’s give our people the respect and importance they deserve. Let’s support our talents! Our artists, our writers, our movies, our music, our scientists, our students, our sports, our IT people, our women and our children. If you see potential in someone, please inform them about that. Let’s encourage one another and progress as a country full of opportunities

  • You are such a brilliant writer <3