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Little constituents of sweet and spice, unite, to form “Life”

A specific amount of life is meticulously kept

and then precariously spent;

Is it real? or is it fake?

‘Fresh’, as it extends like a lake

Little Choice, does a human have

But, to accept what has already been Planned

It takes time for life to mature

As a cup of kaffee darkens, with the color, it now wore

Black, bitter fate, which life holds

Gradually, its depth with waves unfold

She stands there,

Unpredictable and hollow

Her Death is,

A new path, where the life of the Dead follow

Into the burrow, of merry or sorrow

She makes people remorse over her end

But the courage to bear it;

Is what she shall lend

She can stitch; the threads of joy,

Dye the colors of love,

But with the order of — “The One”

Who, gazes from above

She will never rest, Nor will she ever wait

Until, “She” has lead the soul to it’s– Destined gate…

  • Barfi


    • Urooj Rehan

      Thank yuh so much, Alhumdulillah yur very sweet! <3