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The Dilemma of a Child’s Education

Why is it that the great explorers of the world are merely a thing of the past, and the great inventors have left nothing more for us to invent? Today, scientists may enhance a product that is already built but have they occasionally come up with an invention entirely new in the making?  You may hear of a student securing as many A’s in O and A Levels but will that person be someone who goes forward onto invent something? Are the students securing this high really a product of geniuses or are they just good at cramming? It may be a world of competition out there, but is it a competition in the right sense? Is securing better grades than the rest of your classmates really all there is to learning?

Those who have no desire to compete; the ones who have faced failure once, feel dejected enough to never try again. What will happen to their potential? “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend all its life thinking that it is stupid”. Not everyone is created equal, and neither do everyone have the same potential. A person born with the aptitude for arts will never do well enough in the field of sciences and vice versa. It is surprising, that today, parents and even educational institutions fail to take this fact into consideration before enrolling the children into a certain program.

Movies like “Taare Zameen Par” have tried to teach this concept to the people. However, one cannot expect every child to learn in a similar manner. If the child does not hold the insane desire to excel in each and every field out there and tends to focus on the single field that he/she thinks they are more suited for, it is more likely that the child’s parents or the educational institute will cause a hindrance in the child’s effective learning as they believe that it is not a subject that is appropriate for the child to study. It happens mostly in the cases where a child is reluctant to study a science subject in favor of arts. In fact, the distinction does not end here. The difference lies not only in science and arts, but in a vast line of subjects, ranging from economics, accounting, neurology, dentistry, IT, aeronautics, literature, web-designing etc.

Instead of allowing a child to focus on the subject they hold potential in, they are grinded to get on the band wagon because so and so subject has a better job market, or so and so subject will provide a better future for the child. It is hard for the old schooled parents to realize that things are not as they were before. In these days, Arts too is rapidly making progress; be it fine arts, graphic designing, literature or even acting/singing. There is a market for everything out there as long as a person is willing to work hard enough to accomplish their goals. Comparing such students with the high achievers, one can assume that the child who focuses on a subject of interest will do better in the future than a child whose sole intention is to break world records, as that would only make them the jack of all trades, but master of none.

There is a serious lack of discoverers in the world as very few children actually put an effort in learning what is being taught to them. We, as a nation on our way to progress, have to realize that securing better than our classmates will not lead us down a path of true success, because, it is not here that the true success lies.

True success is a person’s ability to learn as they grow. To understand what is being taught to them and be able to fully utilize that knowledge in future endeavours. A person will always be dependent on the guidelines provided rather than use their own wisdom to complete a task if they do not try to struggle on their own.

Thus, it falls on to the parents and mentors to allow a child to reach their full potential in a chosen field, rather than hardwiring them into becoming world-famous; which may be a huge accomplishment but it will do little good for the personal growth and development of the child. Too many subjects or a subject not of the child’s choice, will result in imminent failure of the child and a devastating misuse of the child’s calibre.