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Flawless Girl

She’s a girl with flaws
Totally insane, but pure.
She lives in a fantasy,
Lost in her madness,
Busy in creating love bonds,
So that people could remember her,
When she’s no longer around.
She is a girl with flaws.

She’s a girl with flaws,
Loving and caring whole heartedly,
But crying deep inside for her faults,
Still she manages to wear a smile everyday on her face,
To enlighten the world with her charming heart,
Having a soul of an angel, surviving in the world of evils,
No matter how many times you hurt her,
She will keeping loving you sincerely,
Praying for your happiness,
And wishing you to fulfill hers,
She’s a girl with flaws
She’s a girl with flaws, she is still flawless to love.

Crave her deeply,
Soothe her with your presence,
Admire her beauty, and appreciate her existence,
Cause she’s never going to complain about you ever,
Crawling her down to lift you higher,
And making you smile.

Drowning selflessly herself in the ocean of your love,
And you know the reason why?
She’s a girl with flaws,
Doesn’t care about people judging her at all anymore,
Because, she’s a girl with flaws.
She’s a girl with flaws.