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Humanity is endangered by Ulama-e-soo

The things that we used to watch in horror movies and were afraid to even imagine, are now clearly visible within our own society, may it be a suicide attempt, sexual harassment, feminist problems or any other issue. There would hardly be any problem that is not happening in our society.

Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W is reported to have said that he was afraid of the time when there would be numerous scholars but with no authenticity to their words, scholars who would claim to have knowledge about religion, but would actually have zilch. (Ulama-e-soo ->False scholars)

And here we are today, a large number of scholars and muftis, giving out false knowledge of our religion that even an illiterate would doubt. They put fatwaas on conducts of others by killing and torturing them instead of teaching them the truth with love and peace. They are the ones that are supposed to be helping others live a life of goodness and purposefulness.
That is Islam. Peace.

I was so shocked and upset after hearing about the lecture of the Mufti sahab on Hamza Ali Abbasi’s case in which he was addressing him in a very harsh and uneducated manner. I’m not going to comment on who was right or who was wrong, instead, I’d just like to point out the manner of speech of the man who should be considered a role-model because of his status.
”Iss shakhs ko ilm nahi hai, ye bakwas kr raha hai, is ko goli de deni chahye.” (This person has no knowledge. He is talking rubbish, he should be shot.)
Such harsh words were uttered by our “role-model”, simply because someone questioned a common belief and had a different opinion.

An intellectual difference of opinion among scholars or people is a very healthy sign for a nation. What happened to that group of scholars now? Why is it that there are differences now based on personal opinions rather than intellectual?
People argue after Salah on each other’s manner of performing it.
It is said by the Holy prophet: “Pray as you see me praying”.
There is no sectarianism in Islam. These ‘Wahabis’, ‘Brailvis’, ‘Hanafis’, none of this is in Islam!

If a person has not learned any kind of manners or moral values from Islam, one should be able to say that he has learned absolutely nothing! Islam is a religion of politeness and unity. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing but one should argue in a polite and civil manner, so that you won’t hurt the one opposite to you. This way they may even be able to correct themselves. This is what our religion and humanity teaches us. This is what our beloved Prophet (S.A.W.) taught us.

Another point to ponder over. Some molvis, who are supposed to teach us equality are instead busy spreading division and gender inequality. Islam is a very wide and powerful religion. It teaches you to liberate spiritually, in true forms. It never makes you cruel or narrow-minded. Islam doesn’t stop one from living according to the current age so according to this point, how can one say that women aren’t allowed to do a job or shouldn’t drive a car, or don’t have the freedom of speech?

Hazrat Khadijah (R.A) was a brave business woman. She continued the tradition of doing business in her family by herself alone. In hard times, she supported her husband (Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W) as well. When Islam was spreading fast, non-believers applied strict economic as well as relational sanctions against Muslims. There, Hazrat Khadija (R.A) supported them financially with an open heart and spent generously, and also bore the hardships herself along with them. She was the one who offered marriage to Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W), thus it is not inappropriate for a woman to ask for a man to marry her. What this shows us is that Hazrat Khadija (R.A) too had the freedom of speech.

So from this we can easily understand is that a woman is allowed to work if she wants to or if needed. Today, during these tough times, both a man and woman can play a role, they can help each other to run a family for a better future of their children and themselves.
Then, when one quotes these examples to the ‘Molvis”, they put forth the stance that you cannot compete with those great personalities, they had different situations and orders.
No, that is not at all true. Allah made them do such acts so that these can become examples for us, so that we can follow their path. They practiced Quran in their lives and taught us to do the same.

This world is in disorder and uneducated ”scholars” are only making it worse. Such immoral and unfit molvis are only blemishing the image of Islam and Muslims in both, Non-Muslims and Muslims’ minds. We need people who follow the way of the Prophets, the Sahabah and Sahabiaat (Peace be upon them all). We need true scholars, not these fake ones.

And how to prevent humanity from this dreadful situation? We start with ourselves by reading and understanding the Holy Quran and not blindly follow anyone else.

  • Haris shah

    Well written! There should be some persons to point malpractices.Welldone!