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Is Trust An Illusion?

What is trust? A pact, a promise, a bond or a mutual understanding between two individuals to count and be counted on when need be. The thought of putting all your faith in someone, and expecting the same in return. But, how far does that take you?

The world we’ve been living is nothing else but a harsh and cruel reminder that life isn’t fair in every case. Expect the unexpected to happen at any given time without prior warning. You might be on top of everything one day and lose it all in the next moment. While some are destined for greatness, others are not. Life is but a vast black hole of unpredictability, so are worldly relationships. We have always had a fear of the unknown, deeply ingrained within us all. However, this seemingly doesn’t apply when it comes to putting your trust in someone. We blindly plunge forward into the abyss, hoping the receiving party in question will accept your blind desires and catch you from falling within the depths with open arms thus, giving birth to the illusion known as trust.

Trust is merely a word, a phrase that holds no true meaning or authority over ones conscience or actions. It is but a fickle thing that can easily be broken but never entirely repaired. All it takes is a simple word, a promise, a reward of some kind or perhaps any other worldly desires we weak-willed humans possess. A friend one day, the person in which whom you put all your so-called faith, your blindly placed trust, may as well be the one to stab you in the back. Making the betrayal all too painful, knowing your trust was quite far misplaced.

“Bite the hand that feeds you”, an aptly coined phrase stating man’s tendency to disregard kindness and the goodwill to which they have been privileged. Responding by bringing misery and pain upon their benefactors and themselves. These misplaced feelings of trust, when not reciprocated as you have willed, leaves even the toughest of people reeling. Leaving ones emotions in disarray until nothing but a dried husk remains, an empty shell of what they once were.

I recall a somewhat minor occasion a few years back that sparked my rather negative and pessimistic view on life, also a bit of a realization that some people are family all but in name. It all started with a harmless reply to one of my cousins social posts regarding the lack of her ‘smart phone’ mobile device. It was all in good fun and nothing abusive or along similar lines was said and that was that. Within a few moments that followed, I was bombarded with messages from her so-called ‘boyfriend’ (whom I was not aware existed at the time) which were insulting and downright pointless considering I had nothing to do with or answer to from him. Brushing it off, I resumed my daily get go and quickly forgot about the incident.

Later that day, the same cousin in question came over (we have these weekly family visits every now and then) and engaged in the usual everyday banter and whatnot. Then out of nowhere, I started getting calls from that pest of a boyfriend, who apparently still had some business to conclude with me. Starting off with a slew of disgusts to my sister (whom I don’t have), showcasing the kind of person he was, and then switching onto some nonsense he tried to justify by repeatedly swearing a greater number of times.

I honestly was more appalled then annoyed, not comprehending the reason of this rather caveman like behavior or how the Neanderthal of a man managed to get hold of my number. Knowing I had done nothing to prompt or in fact have the least bit of interest in speaking with such a ‘colorful’ individual, I immediately blocked his number and left it at that. Yet, still I got multiple calls from various other numbers with him on the line. That said and done, this was not the real cause of my ire that day, what followed moments afterwards truly left me with a lasting impact.

Happening to gaze upon my ‘oh so sweet’ cousins face after ending this rather tiring “phone call’ business and was rather shocked at the fact that her faced was graced with a smug ‘know it all’ look. She then proceeded to ask me as to what had happened in an extremely matter of fact tone, all the while sporting a knowing smile of victory, or rather glee. That moment the realization set in, about how the brute who had called and pestered me relentlessly had gotten my number. I truly felt hurt, betrayed, and quite sad to be honest as I never was on bad terms with my cousin or even deserving of this cruel and pointless little fiasco.

This along with many other small but significant occurrences in the years that followed shaped my views on the value of trust that it is today. Not everybody may share this rather narrow-minded and convulsed view on this particular subject. But in the end, the bottom line is, as I stated earlier in this fine piece of literature, that life is unpredictable, it is an unknown variable well beyond our grasp and our minuscule comprehension.

When faced with difficulties or obstacles of any sort that may threaten to bring you down, break your resolve, or simply get in the way, one must think of these as opportunities to rise to the occasion, break free from the shackles and use the experience gained from these hardships to move forward and give it your all. Never let anything or anyone ever hold you down. You are the person you choose to be and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Till there’s free will, there shall always be a way. And no matter what happens, no matter how bad things may seem… It’s not too late, it’s never too late.