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Beggary has become a profession

Everyone is aware of poverty; it is not something veiled. Throughout the day, we come across a number of destitute. Some of which are women, some of them are mothers exposing their infants in the sultry sun for the sake of sympathy and some call themselves widows. The most abhorrent of them are the ones who are physically normal. However, they still prowl in the streets, begging for alms and at the same time, debasing themselves completely. The link below shows the main causes of poverty along with the statistics:

But the sad part is, beggary has become a profession indeed. You must have seen a cluster of vagabonds consisting of mostly a family where the husband is usually an addict and the woman with her dozens of children, are the ones to earn. Each one of the child is appointed a place to beg, which can either be a traffic signal or a food place, and the children are forced to beg as they have seen their elders do so.

Child beggary is the most hideous and abominable in Pakistan. The kids are thrown in harsh environments because their parents cannot own them. Child beggary, when forced, is much more despicable. And we are the ones, with the help of whom, this beggary has burgeoned. We do not take any kind of steps to abolish it, on the contrary, when a beggar knocks on our car window at a traffic signal, we think we have an obligation to pay them 10 or 20 rupees, because we feel empathized. And in this way, we are only contributing to it, so none of us is being a responsible citizen.

A female beggar when asked a question, “Why don’t you work as a maid in some house? As in this way you could even earn more”, was found to be leaving the scene uttering some cuss words. The reason behind this is plain and simple, she did not intend to work hard at all because, she was already earning enough through begging. So, what this proves is that beggary has become much more of a profession. And this is unfair to all those who are actual beggars, not just another recruitment in this field.

Take it as a responsibility of being a citizen of Pakistan, not to pay those beggars and especially children, so that in this way, we can discourage them. And sometimes when a poor man is selling something at a signal, which is completely useless to you, buy it. Because that man has chosen to earn without begging and your simple contribution can in turn lead to their much needed encouragement.

  • Asad shamas

    Success needs sacrifices. If you do, you will succeed in life!