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Taking A Permanent Leave

Everyday darkness consumes me

Misery being my only company

See how I fall deeper in despair

While everyone watches,

Pretending they care

An empty shell of the person I once was,

I have become

A mask I wear,

These lies I bear,

A mere facade of what’s yet to come

These sleepless nights so long,

Yet the days too short

Regrets of the past,

Always on thought

Little by little,

Trying to get close to me

Taking my world apart

Piece by piece

Watching the color fade and drain from my life

The only relief now,

Is that at the edge of a knife

But fret not,

I’ll be gone soon enough

This thought fills me with glee

Accepting the sweet embrace of death at the end of the day

I shall depart with these words,

I’m taking a permanent leave