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Monthly Archives: October 2016

An open letter

An open letter to my future kids, who will be born in an era of prosperity and success, when the world might settle on Mars and Cancer is cured, in a world that is not so similar to the one in front of us today.

We are dead inside

Within Karachi only, the grand total percentage of Pakistan’s literacy rate is not as much as some of us expect it to be, neither of us are shocked to see it, well, at least some of us aren’t. The ones who are literate, their worlds


I let the words go, That were near to my heart. The thoughts I own, I set apart. For they were never mine, But a mere mirage. And then there comes, A ray that holds me, As the cloud holds rain. So deep and within, I

The Media Influece

Media is a way of communication which can be through electronic, print or social medium. It is considered to be an extremely powerful tool which has been influencing the customs, traditions, norms and values of a society in different, yet, extremely influential ways. It has


Little constituents of sweet and spice, unite, to form “Life” A specific amount of life is meticulously kept and then precariously spent; Is it real? or is it fake? ‘Fresh’, as it extends like a lake Little Choice, does a human have But, to accept

Not Another Child

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” -Author Charles R. Swindoll. Conscious and unconscious actions of adults make a deep and everlasting impact on the mind of children. Children may be treated, good or bad, harshly or politely, with

The Dilemma of a Child’s Education

Why is it that the great explorers of the world are merely a thing of the past, and the great inventors have left nothing more for us to invent? Today, scientists may enhance a product that is already built but have they occasionally come up

War Yields Nothing

Another Indo-Pak War?

Prior to discussing recent problems, let’s discuss an old one, a really old one. This is a problem deeply rooted in our subconscious minds. The Indo-Pak tension. Since childhood, we are fed the notion that India is the arch-enemy of our beloved nation. Since forever,

Flawless Girl

She’s a girl with flaws Totally insane, but pure. She lives in a fantasy, Lost in her madness, Busy in creating love bonds, So that people could remember her, When she’s no longer around. She is a girl with flaws. She’s a girl with flaws,