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Our Steady Descent into Failure

Pakistan was made by the continuous efforts of several prominent leaders, and the sweat and blood of the citizens that were not only demanding a separate nation because they themselves wanted to live independently, but also and mostly because they did not want their children to live in fear and/or hide their religious affiliation. However, the critical point that decides the fate of any country is determined by the decisions made by the future generations who have to bear the flag of that country. Will they continue to live, strive and die for their country, or will they become complacent and crumble the whole nation down to the ground? And which path did the forbearers of our heroes choose? Well, I think you all can decide after reading this article:

It’s quite heart breaking to see the statistics and find out the country that we love is deteriorating in every aspect, be it politically, religiously, financially, morally or as stated above in the article, socially.

Our Officers:
Our government employs people in the government sector with a trust that they will not abuse the power entrusted in them for their personal benefits. And how’s that going for the country? Well, at least 200 crores are lost from the national treasury each day via corruption. This is a result of majority of our officials believing in the phrase, “Every man for himself”.
Most of our officials openly take bribes with such confidence that many of us think that it’s a processing fee. They employ people with connections and steal from the budget allocated by the government by asking for fake requirements (over in-voicing
Anyone who is too naive to admit that there is no bribery in our government, I co-ordinately invite you to visit the Nadra Office. You think there is no Safaarish? Kindly notice that our Prime Minister, Chief Minister (Punjab), Budget Senator, President of Youth and two members of national assembly along with several prominent MNAs belong to the same family tree.
To be honest, many of us actually admire the traffic wardens who are not busy chatting amongs themselves and actively stop us, or officers that place our case file right with all the other files and not in a special VIP draw.
While anti-corruption hotlines do exist, they are simply not enough. They cannot suspend an officer without evidence and even still, sometimes the commission responsible for investigating that particular officer is itself bribed and they give the concerning officer a ‘pass’, essentially sparing corruption.

Our Politicians:

Politics has always been intertwined to the hearts of the general public. Somehow, people think that a political figure will come and as soon as he or she gets elected, the whole situation of Pakistan will change in a fortnight. While thinking that such a thing can happen is optimistic, it is simply not the case. There are some who are significantly better than others, but we cannot and should not just rely on them. Democracy is relatively slow. Politicians have to report to someone else, so even if a truly great leader arrives, he’ll eventually be bogged down by the already weak system.
Politicians slam each other on media and blame each other for the nation’s problems, yet it is almost laughable how quickly they unite together whenever it suits them. Many instances have risen where groups affiliated with different parties have clashed on the streets. I have seen hundreds of Facebook pages that are just hate groups. This hate and intolerance has to stop. Instead of just advertising whatever good our personal favorites do, we should commend the progress in our country as a whole, be it from any party, like the introduction of 3G, LTE and several scholarships for students, or the new anti-corruption laws or another Shaukat Khanum in KPK.


If someone ever loves a girl, and the girl just doesn’t feel the same way towards him, he should just move on. It happens. It just wasn’t meant to be. There is a metaphorical book called Pakistan’s Guide to Cope Up with a Breakup, written and approved by An Average Khandaani Guy in which he beautifully writes a wonderful method of coping that will instantly make you feel a whole lot better: “Throw acid on her face”.

I mean, how demented can you be to destroy someone’s beauty and their life and the respect of their family? Can you feel what a father would feel, if her daughter’s face is all raw, just because she rejected someone? What is really heart wrenching is that it happens all the time in Pakistan. There are many cases where you feel like the whole nation is cursed. Wives are killed on the weakest evidences of an affair. Brides are burnt if they give insufficient dowry. Mothers or fathers add poison in their food and end up killing all of their family. Seriously, how illiterate can someone be?


Islam is a very intriguing religion. It has a very diverse history with a rich and beautiful book and a Prophet (SAW) that countless would die for. It’s extremely frustrating to see that Islam at some places is associated as a religion that promotes or at least encourages extremism. Why so? It’s probably because whenever any retard shouts the Takbir before blowing himself up, the whole blame goes to Muslims and their religion. The Islamic community has to look down as if that bomber was our ambassador.
While many people are growing increasingly competitive and try to provide their children with the best possible education, some just believe that one should only attain religious education. As a result, many children are sent to Madrasas, where many are beaten if they do not cram properly. Studies have found that children who are beaten often, resolve issues when they grow up by physically hurting others. We have often seen many Madrasas raided and found to be pro-Taliban centers. Even when they do not promote extremism, reports of Molvis molesting children in Madrasas is not unheard of. Trust me, if you want your child to prosper in this world and the next, don’t compromise on his education.
I would salute our prominent religious figures if they just stick to the betterment and expansion of our religion. However, they do quite the opposite. They play politics and pump adrenaline inside their already emotional audience and blame other sects and classes. Thousands of Muslims (mostly Hazaras) have been slaughtered by none other than Muslims themselves just because they do not put their hands on their navel while praying. This is utter stupidity. We are killing ourselves when we have many bigger enemies laughing at us. Instead of begging their followers to stop this civil hatred, they just reiterate Islamic history, cry in front of the camera, declare chess as Haram (seriously?) and declare that men can hit their wives.

Pakistan as a whole is a country that is plummeting dangerously. There will be some optimistic people in the comment section who might say that I am a pessimist and that Pakistan is actually a prosperous or a successful country. But unless we see, confront and accept the scary monster under the bed, we will always live in ecstasy, thinking it doesn’t exist.