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Life and Death

Within this dense world, everyone is living inside their own dimensions. Happiness, sorrow, ease and difficulty is systematically distributed for every dimension.

Life was altogether wonderful and everything seemed to be moving along in our favor. My brother, sister, and I. This is what makes my small family complete. However, things took a drastic change.

‘’Yes! It has reappeared”, the doctor diagnosed. My mother had already wrestled with Cancer ten years ago when she was a young pretty wife. It was diagnosed just two days after my brother and I had completed our O’levels examination with top-notch grades. This news shifted all the emotions in our family, from happiness to sadness.

She is a strong woman; Ten years ago she fought against Cancer alongside the support of her family, but this time the cancer had spread to such a great extent that her journey in this world was seemingly over. The doctor told her that the cancer had already affected her eyes and lungs. With her hopes shattered, she tried to convince us that the treatment would be futile but we were aware of the truth, she simply wasn’t ready to endure the pain of the treatment again. Happiness vanished and misery, in the form of a third stage cancer entered.

Finally, we met the Oncologist, who suggested her treatment plan with six chemo therapies. The doctor had already told us that this was the mildest chemo-plan for her body or what you may refer to as the only hope left. Her hopes withered again but we pulled her up and convinced her that the treatment would be for the best.

For me it was arduous to see my mother’s vomit along with the blood. I cried several times but soon realized, shedding tears needlessly would make no difference. Crying won’t solve any of my problems. There were certain quotes that would help me in this miserable time.

“For every difficulty, there is easiness”

[AL-QURAN 94:6]

As Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God.”
[JOHN 11:40]

Finally, the therapies proved fruitful. I sat alone, reminiscing good memories of her, which flashed in my mind. There was still some ‘Hope’ that was embedded somewhere in my mind. Eventually, the results of the scans came out to be truly relieving and the size of the tumors was reduced greatly. These reports proved that “hope” never dies, and therefore, one should never let go of it.

God has blessed us with parents. They spend their entire lives trying to make ours the best, the sacrifices that they have to make for us. It’s a painful sight when you look at the crumbling pillar which has supported you throughout in every part of life.

This event in my life gave me a bulk of lessons, never to lose hope and faith. Your parents are your support and you are their fulcrum. Never disappoint them and always assist them in their time of need.