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Such a beautiful day,
You smile and say.
Stepping away from reality,
You become another casualty.
Trapped inside false mutuality,
Refusing to witness society’s obscenity,
You have become a prey,
One which cannot be saved

People approach you, asking for help.
You gladly respond to their lies,
Without noticing the poison filled in their
Hypocrisy pouring down from their eyes,
Alas, you are so blind.
They feed on you like parasites,
Scrapping the last remains of your life.
You have nothing to hide

For they know everything and will leave

Nothing behind.
Sunlight fades,
Into the coming darkness.
Someone knocks at your door.
The sight makes you feel insecure,
But now it’s too late,
You cannot escape your fate.
Blood has covered the white marble floor,

Your murderer departs,
Leaving behind not a trace.
From this world,
You have been erased.
Everything that you loved,
Has now turned to dust.
The trees have abandoned you,
Lifting away their shade.
The hollow ground has forsaken you,
No one remembers your name

Now you dwell alone in your grave.
The deceitful nature of humans,
Is hidden by malignant illusions.
Only the wise can see,
The upcoming catastrophe.
We will never concur with reality,
The world remains unchanged.
We all are born the same,
We all die in vain.


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