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History Will Repeat Itself


Contemplating over the current situation and thinking over the war of words from both sides of the border, convinces us that, there is a chance of chaos and destruction to ensue. If this happens, then the whole world will shudder with fear of spoliation and devastation. The political conditions between Pakistan and India, during the last few months, have reached to a zenith of dismay. India, claiming to be the biggest democracy of the world, have shrouded their eyes and are making such a history of lawlessness and oppression that every heart is shedding tears of blood. Pakistan always wants amiable relations with India but alas, minds and hearts of a few individuals have been filled with detestation, and have become blinded by this loathsome train of thought.

Countless times Pakistan has warned India to stop the underhanded violence and senseless murders of the innocents of Kashmir. The people of Kashmir are punished and harshly penalized simply for yearning for their freedom. The Indian government, which auspiciously boasts off to the whole world, claiming to be a democratic world, has trodden upon Human rights in such a way that the whole world is reeling in shock at their rather brazen actions. From the independence of Pakistan, to the present day, the rift between Pakistan and India is gradually getting deeper to the point when even the smallest of incidents may have a larger, more disastrous outcome. Some Indian government representatives never accepted Pakistan as an independent state, seemingly forgetting about all the sacrifices of our forefathers and how their blood was used in making this country.

Kashmir is called “heaven on earth” and it can be said that Kashmir is as important for Pakistan as the blood in our bodies. It is essential not only for Pakistan, but for the whole world to solve the Kashmir issue so that the suffering can cease. Countless number of times, Pakistan has requested the Indian government to end the persecution of Kashmiris and to sit on the table of negotiation in order to solve the Kashmir issue. For the last 68 years, Kashmir has been one of the major reasons that has wedged the two countries apart. Since the very first day of the creation of Pakistan, Indian extremists have always viewed Pakistan as their enemy. According to the surveys and reports, the Prime Minister of India is highly disliked due to his political views and stances. A warlike situation is developing, which will adversely affect both nations. But the radicals forget that we are Muslims who have faith in our God and are prepared to answer every question. 

Our Army is a paragon of sagacity and wisdom. Extremists! In what convulsed darkness are you living in? Haven’t you heard about our Angel in the guise of General Raheel Sharif? Our Army Chief is considered to be one of the most effective in the world. Our soldiers have displayed bravery in every difficult phase. Take a look at the example of Muhammad Mahmood Alam who destroyed five enemy airplanes during the 1965 Pak-Indo war. Don’t you remember the time when our pedestrians stood in front of enemy tanks without any kind of fear?

The hearts of our soldiers are embedded with affection for this country and they believe in achieving solace by sacrificing their lives for the nation. Now, we must act like sensible human beings who value others lives. This sensation must be present in both nations if we want cordial relationships with each other.

Kudos to Nawaz Sharif for depicting the picture of oppression in Kashmir at the General Assembly to remove a cloth of nepotism from the eyes of the cruel tyrants! In the end, we can only pray that this issue is resolved peacefully. War is not the answer. But if such conditions develop, every Pakistani citizen will take part in defending this country, and display the same bravery as it was shown by the people of this country back in 1965. Those who wish to sacrifice their lives for this country are ready to face any obstacle in their way. If any unfortunate series of events does ensue, believe me, history will repeat itself!

  • We said but both of the nations must have to sit together in order to resolve this issue. Both of us have to look at the superpowers who are not allowing toake such situations and not giving proper time to these nations to resolve this issue. Asia especially subcontinent can have a great progress if these two countries resolve this issue. We all know that both of the countries spend most of their annual budgets in order to strengthen their defence and to buy weapons. This is an eye-opener for both nations that some foreign powers from whom they buy weapons never want to see peace in subcontinent and want forever tension between these two countries. They know that this region will become a threat to them if subcontinent will
    regain its peace because we all know the importance of this region in world trade. Resolution of Kashmir issue is the only way.

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